Jan 03, 2015

Winter Grooming Essential

Grooming is a must for every guy out there because...

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Grooming is a must for every guy out there because there’s no such thing as perfect skin. In my case, I would have to make extra effort because of my acne and the scarring. Over the years, my skin condition has improved tremendously and my skin regimen is not stopping because I’m always on the lookout for something new that can help improve my overall complexion. Winter in particular is horrible because of the cold and dry air which dries out my face even more. Mind you, that this isn’t my complete skin regimen as there’s a lot more that I use, but more on that later.

I use a fair amount of Benzoyl Peroxide on my face at night, this product is know for being harsh on your skin and if used too much, it could create a crack on the upper layer of your skin. To help get rid of dead skin cell, I use LUSH ‘Ocean Salt’ scrub because it’s all natural and it has got some interesting ingredient in it, which is vodka. Alcohol in particular helps get rid of unwanted bacteria which is good, because after a day of exposing your skin you would want to cleanse your face properly. This Ocean Salt scrub can also be used on your other body parts – I would use it on my elbow and knee because they tend to get dry especially in the winter. Proceeding to the next step after the scrub, I would use a spray of LUSH ‘Tea Tree’ toner to get some of the moisture back in after the exfoliation. Last but not least, I would use the LAB Series tinted moisturizer with SPF before I go to bed but sometimes it depends on my complexion, if it’s not dry I would use a serum to treat troubled areas. Of course the Versace fragrance doesn’t have anything to do with the grooming part, but, I just love this fragrance so much that I had to include it in the post. Remember to always take care of yourself and your skin no matter where you are.

LUSH Ocean Salt Scrub | LUSH Tea Tree Toner | LAB Series Tinted Moisturizer | Versace Eros Fragrance

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