Sep 23, 2015

3 Step Plan To Cleansing That Handsome Face

Many of you may think that cleansing your face is...


Many of you may think that cleansing your face is too time consuming and unnecessary. What you might not realize is that while most of your body is covered in clothes throughout the day, your face is always unprotected. The skin on your face is exposed to all the pollution, exhaustion fumes, sun rays, acid rain, and all other toxins in the air. Harmful particles are not only sitting on your skin, but they are digging their way inside into the pores. So think again next time you’re in front of the mirror looking at your face thinking “nah, you don’t need to be washed”. To prove you that washing your face can be really simple, here is my 3-step plan to cleansing your handsome face.

STEP 1 – Loosen and lift the dirt

This step needs to be done only once a week, so yes, washing your face just got even simpler! Anyway, exfoliants physically scrub your skin to remove dead skin cells on the surface to reveal the plumper and healthier skin cells underneath. Scrubbing away dead skin cells also unclogs the pores and loosens the dirt inside them. When choosing an exfoliant, go for something finer as the skin on your face is thinner than the skin on your body.

STEP 2 – Wash away the dirt

Every cleanser contains surfactants which are surface active agents that actually allow water to rinse away the oil and dirt from your skin. So while exfoliants remove dead skin cells, they loosen and lift the dirt in your pores and prepare it for a cleanser to wash it away with the help of surfactants. As many cleansers contain sodium lauryl sulfate, this can be quite harsh and irritating to your skin. Make sure your face wash is sulfate-free. Since step 1 is needed only once a week, repeat step 2 twice as at first it only removes all the oil from your skin while the second wash cleanses the skin from all the dirt.

STEP 3 – Moisturize

Cleaning agents in quality face washes do a great job, but they can’t clean your face without removing at least some of the moisture from it. As you wouldn’t go a day without drinking water, your skin also needs to be hydrated. Moisturizing facial creams help to lock in water in your skin while having other beneficial ingredients, too. And to be honest, the best known way to prevent signs of aging is moisturizing.


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