Oct 06, 2015

Here's Why You Should Layer a Polo

Catholic school bound? Yea, me neither.


Confession: I hate polos. In fact hate might even be too light of a word to really express how I feel about the preppy look. No matter the color, print or brand of the shirt, I find it has the incredible power of making its wearer look as basic as basic can be. It an article of clothing that is straight out of the douche bag jar. The shirts somehow always looked relatively decent on women, a thrifty try at GENDER CROSSING. But seeing the look on a man pains me, in the same excruciating way a Donald Trump speech does.

But I digress.

However, while in Lisbon this past week my perception changed. For some reason seeing a polo with a local Portuguese beach printed on it detailed with unique glass buttons got me thinking maybe all polos aren’t terrible. I stopped in menswear designer NUNO GAMA shop located right off of Rua Dom Pedro. The shop itself is incredibly inspiring complete with Elvis hair like hats made of ceramic, black netted chandeliers and a Harley all attached to a super cool barber shop.

Feeling inspired and currently OBSESSED WITH LAYERING, I layered a beach printed polo with a lightweight jacket, a perfect look for those fleeting warm weathered days of fall. I find it quite visually appealing layering a polo with an organic nature scene under a contrasting graphic number. It’s one surefire way to make wearing a polo badass.

Shop the look: Shirt & Jacket: Nuno Gama/ Pants: Topman/ Shoes: Nike: Hat: Worth & Worth

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