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- One thing in our travel bucket list is escaping the crowd. After the past couple hectic and busy years, all we want is some moments for us two. So we decided to visit Ubud again, the higher land of Bali. When searched for ‘home’ to stay, I stumbled upon the Ubud Padi Villas. The booking was no hassle at all, I love the Paypal payment option from the Ubud Padi Villas. And thank you Mega Putra and Eka for such a nice contact before our stay.

Ubud Padi Villas has 7 villas with each own swimming-plounge pool facing the traditional rice fields where you also can see people are working in the fields in a traditional way. If you like it is possible to have Rice Field & River tracking tours. I did it a lot when I was a kid and lived near rice fields in Java.

Warm welcome was ready for us with, “Welcome to your vacation home!” when we arrived after a nice ride on our private car shuttle from the airport and a ride down a small alley on a buggy car to the villas

"Home", the word only makes all distances gone. Feeling directly that you are not in a hotel but it might be your own villa. The word "Home" is also fulfilled with friendly and very helpful staffs.

The warm welcome followed with refreshing welcome drinks and of course a foot massages. We delayed our massage until after we settled down in our villa and after our late lunch (flight was delayed, so not cool!). For our stay, we also booked our 60 minutes traditional Balinese body massage to have in your own room or the gazebo next to the pool. We stayed in two rooms, first with gazebo and second not. The weather is too warm to have the massage on the gazebo, so I had mine in an air conditioned room. I am relaxed now, especially after a warm bath and shower in our open air bathroom, clean and spacious one.

We spent most of our time sun-bathing and swimming in our private pool. In the morning, delicious in-the-room breakfast are delivered on the time. All we need to do is just fill in the breakfast form and write down the time. Love this place so much that I almost can not stop Instagram-ing everything (find more pictures of my two nights escape here).

For a cultural trip, Ubud is one of the best part of Bali with a lot of dance performances and tours to different parts of the island which you can book directly by Komang (one of the receptionist), Balinese women we met a lot during our stay. We didn’t do any tours or saw any dance performances, we did before. So we enjoyed our private pool villa to the fullest. We did a small walk to the Ubud center, just to visit the stores and Starbucks (I know!). Nice thing is that the villa provides all the guests with free shuttle with private cars to the Ubud center. And for the last evening of our stay, we had a romantic candle light dinner for two. A gazebo in the central garden, full of candle lights and flowers. So this villas in Ubud are also great place for your honeymoon destination.

More pictures of the villa’s and property here…

Location: Ubud Padi Villas, Ubud Bali
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