Aug 11, 2015

Where to Eat in Key West

Heading to Key West this Summer was definitely a highlight...

Heading to Key West this Summer was definitely a highlight of 2015. It was also the closet I have ever gotten to a tropical island. In addition to the biking, swimming and drinking there was also room for FOOD (of course). Key West is most known for their key lime pie but I explored much more than key lime pie on this trip. It was also my first time having black pudding. What the heck is black pudding? Find out below. Here are some cool eats to try out while you’re in Key West..Enjoy

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Blue Heaven: Key Lime Pie

According to locals and hotel concierge..this restaurant Blue Heaven IS Key West. Several people recommended it and suggested that I try their Key Lime pie.There are a ton of options for good Key Lime pie but I had to check this place out to see why this one was the best.I tried it out and I thought it was great..but not the best ever. Upon arrival we were greeted with chickens that wobble around as you eat, don’t worry they wont steal any of your food.

DSC00338 5.34.54 PMDSC00340 5.34.54 PM

DSC00341 5.34.54 PMDSC00423 5.34.54 PM

The crust was the best part.

DSC00433 5.34.54 PMDSC00441

Couldn’t wait, ate it as soon I went outside.DSC00413 5.34.54 PM

Rice, beans and plantains. DSC00416 5.34.54 PM

Black bean soup.
DSC00418 5.34.54 PMDSC00421 5.34.54 PM

CornbreadDSC00419 5.34.54 PMDSC00360 5.34.54 PM

DSC00363 5.34.54 PM

Entering Blue Heaven.DSC00356 5.34.54 PM

DSC00352 5.34.54 PM


Pineapple Cup:

Everyone had these in their hand Key West, if you’re into food trucks you can find a few of them on the main strip. The main strip that most people hang out and drink at is called Duval street. Tons of shops, boutiques and food. We spotted the pineapple cup at a food truck which attracted a bunch of tourists, mostly because of the loud house music they played which you could here blocks away. Pineapple Cup


Thai Life: Floating Restaurant

A floating restaurant? Yes, I had never been on one and certainly was not expecting to eat on a floating restaurant in Key West. It was a rainy day but it was the last day of me being there so I had to experience it. My friend and I ordered spring rolls and pad thai. The food and drinks were satisfying and a great experience. Another thing to note is the affordable prices here. This meal was half the price of what I usually pay for Thai and I was on a boat with a great view enjoying it. Thats a win-win.

Thai Life Key West

Pad ThaiThai Life Key West

Thai Life Key WestThai Life Key West

EntranceThai Life Key WestThai Icea teaThai Life Key West

Thai Life Key West

View from the table. Thai Life Key West

Spring Rolls Thai Life Key West

Planning where to go next.Thai Life Key West


McConnells Irish Pub:

I had never had black pudding until now or knew what it was. I saw that it came with the traditional breakfast but burnt sausage didn’t seem traditional to me. I asked our server about it and he informed us that its a sausage commonly eaten in Ireland. I came to Key West for an adventure so I decided to try it. It doesn’t taste as burnt as it looks. I highly recommend it! I had eaten it all and even asked the server about the recipe for it in the hopes of making it one day.

McConnells Key West

Brunch at McConnellsMcConnells Key West

Mimosa at brunch. McConnells Key West

After brunch at McConnells.


Old Town Mexican Cafe:

This was my favorite restaurant in Key West. Its located on Duval street and has a big outside space and cozy inside space. The decor here is pretty colorful and makes sense for the restaurant theme. I ordered a chicken quesadilla and a margarita (might as well). The Mexican Cafe Key West

The Mexican Cafe Key WestEntranceThe Mexican Cafe Key West

The Mexican Cafe Key WestThe Mexican Cafe Key West

Side viewThe Mexican Cafe Key WestThe Mexican Cafe Key West

The Mexican Cafe Key WestThe Mexican Cafe Key West


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