Oct 07, 2015

Top Men’s Fitness Apps You Need To Reach Your Goal in 2015

Sometimes I get frustrated because I wish there was an...


Sometimes I get frustrated because I wish there was an app that would tell what I need to eat to look my best. Unfortunately there is not such an app in the market today but there are many that will most definitely make your life easier.

Searching online I saw many blog posts that were showing their “top men’s fitness apps” but most of them I don’t even think that they are good. So what I am saying is, I will show the apps I have tried and I believe that can add something good to your health lifestyle. Take a look:


icon175x175 This is the app I am using most of the times now. If you are tired of eating only brown rice and chicken…keep reading.

This is an app made by Instagram star Kevin Curry with healthy recipes and videos.

This healthy food app is very useful because instead of having a very large selection of recipes, this app gives you a more narrow list with ingredients that will make your food taste better without compromising your body goal.

My favorite find was the “tuna cake” made with sweet potato and the popcorn chicken. ;p

Download $2.99


icon175x175 Are you very serious about getting in shape before summer? You should be tracking all the food you eat then.

The fitness pal is one of the easiest and more practical ways to keep track of your daily macros. I used this app for my whole men’s physique competition preparation.

The good thing about this app is that it keeps a history of what you usually eat and makes it easy to add to each meal. A big help, since when you are keeping a strict diet you pretty much eat the same thing everyday.

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icon175x175(1) Sleeping, Calories, steps, this will track all…

It is uncertain how accurate the heart monitor calculates the calories burned but it gives you a pretty good idea on your daily exercises. You can buy the Fitbit tracker watch here.

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Full Fitness Exercise Workout Trainer

icon175x175(1) This app has a vast list of exercises. What I like about this app is that you can search for new exercises to refresh your workouts. As you know, the worst thing you can do is to be doing the same workout for a long time.

Download $2.99


icon175x175(2) Have you ever wondered how to make better choices when shopping for groceries or have you been spending way too much time looking at food labels? This app does pretty much all that for you. It will help you choose the best foods to buy based on nutrients and calories. It also has a very motivational forum that you can share some health knowledge and gains.

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Map My Run

icon175x175(2) Another great app is from the guys at Mapmyfitness. This running and workout GPS tracker will you give you detailed information about your training including steps, distance, calories, etc. If you are a street runner, this app is a must.

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Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

icon175x175(3) You will never find out if it is lack of sleep that has been making you feel tired all day until you get this app. It is actually amazing to see your good and bad nights of sleep in a graph and how it effects your daily energy.

The app is an alarm clock that swears to wake you up at the perfect time when you are at your lightest sleep phase. It has been working very good for me.

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I am happy to see that many tech companies are focusing on working in a technology to better our daily lives and help us become healthier. We sure have still a long way to go but the improvement in cellphone apps are noticeable. Enjoy.

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