Jun 03, 2014

Bevel | The Next Level of Grooming

Theres Proraso, Geo F. Trumper, Gillette, The Art of Shaving...


Theres Proraso, Geo F. Trumper, Gillette, The Art of Shaving and then there was Bevel. Bevel is a new shaving brand that burst into the grooming industry causing quite the buzz. A simplistic yet effective shaving solution for men of color, that struggle with razor bumps striving for clearer and smoother skin. With over 20,000 social media followers and rapper NAS investing into the brand, Bevel is sure to deemed the next level of grooming.

Bevel offers a six piece starter kit which features, a safety razor, priming oil, shave cream, restoring balm, a badger hair shaving brush and 20 stainless steel safety blades. The packaging is masculine and marketable, and the products are concealed in taupe colored bottled, perfectly sized for your travel bag or dopp kit.

Experience the Bevel system

Priming Oil

The priming oil is designed to sit on the surface of the skin helping to soften your facial hair. Its ingredients contains lavender which smells amazing keeping your skin calm. Olive and castor oil helps your blade to glade smoothly across your face reducing irritation. The priming oil is lightweight so, I’d recommend applying a generous amount if you have sensitive skin for extra protection.

Shave Cream

The refreshing scent of green tea in this glycerin based shave cream is awesome! Be sure to accompany this silky cream with your badger hair brush to lift the hair off your face for a closer shave.

Restoring Balm (aftershave)

This aftershave is my favorite part of the Bevel shave. I carry this product in my dopp kit daily. This restoring balm is alcohol-free which is a plus. Packed with vitamin-e, tea tree oil and witch hazel. Finalize your shave by applying balm to your shaved areas. The cooling sensation will instantly calm your skin. You can also apply this balm as needed throughout the day if needed.

I highly recommend Bevel for the perfect Father’s Day. My friends at Bevel have extended 20% off your purchase by entering the promo code HARVEY (in caps) when you order.

Visit Bevel at www.getbevel.com (tell them Harvey’s House sent you).

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