Sep 14, 2015

4 Products to Use If You Cut Yourself Shaving

Ok fellas, fess up. You know you’ve done it. Heck,...

PaperPOST Ok fellas, fess up. You know you’ve done it. Heck, I am a professional barber and even I’ve done it. I’m talking about cutting or nicking yourself while shaving… and using toilet paper to stop the bleeding.

We all know how it happens, we’re in a rush for work, to hang out, or just not taking the time to prepare our skin properly. For whatever the reason may be the result is the same: we will all fall victim. For those of us who already have, what do we look for first to stop the bleeding? The handy dandy, multipurpose “toilet paper.”

But, what happened when we all realized that toilet paper stops the bleeding, only for the bleeding to start again once it’s removed? Or worse, we forget to take it off and we arrive at our destination only to be told that we have toilet paper on our face…(you know who you are!).

So here’s the trick.

Forget the toilet paper and go for something that will stop the bleeding on contact. It’s called styptic liquid (also comes in solid or powder form). Styptics, are used to stop the flow of blood by causing the blood vessels to contract at the site of the wounds. Before safety razors were invented, it was an essential part of a shaving kit, and was used to seal cuts caused by improper shaving. I always have a bottle close by, just in case a client decides to talk at the wrong time or even worse sneeze…just kidding!

Here are a few recommendations:

Safe shaving!

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