Jul 19, 2015

The Best Menswear Looks from New York Fashion Week: Men SS 2016

The very much anticipated New York Fashion Week: Men ended...

The very much anticipated New York Fashion Week: Men ended a few days ago in the Big Apple. The event has raised concerns about whether it will be a successful installment of the Fashion Week concept and many people wondered how the event will do in the industry landscape.

At the end of the very first NYFW:M, we felt that, even though some people considered that the time slot could have been a better one, the overall result was quite a big success. In terms of the fashions displayed at least, which, at the end of the day is what matters (or what should matter) the most. We kept our fingers crossed and were quite happy with the results. Watching the shows makes one feel that NYFW:M has been around since forever: we felt that it actually did fit the landscape of the big fashion weeks of the world very well and that the collections were just as good as those displayed during any other event. Our verdict is a very positive one: we feel that the first NYFW:M is going to be the first NYFW:M from a very long series of installments and that the event is going to grow.

As usually, the collections were very diverse, even though most designers and fashion houses kept it practical and highly wearable, most likely because they knew that for the event to be a success, everyone has to have an economic gain and that this is hard to achieve with garments that are considered to lie on the art side of fashion. In this sense, most designers kept it simple and made use mostly of solid-color materials, in chalky colors and muted neutrals. Cohesive and correct, but nevertheless highly fashionable, the collections indicated that, at the moment the world is in a state of finding an identity – and that in order to do that, one needs to know how to start with the basics.

All we can say is, that after such a diverse array of presentations, we are definitely looking forward to seeing what effect this NYFW:M will have in the long run, given that the fact that most designers kept it really classic and didn’t push the boundaries very much can turn against them, given that it’s those types of creations that generate buzz and draw attention, but until the official verdicts are drawn, all we can say is we’ll see you next season!

In the gallery, you can see a collection of the best looks that went down the runway at the very first NYFW:M event.

A very strong and masculine aesthetic from Ralph Lauren cannot go unnoticed. if you ever wondered how guys can wear lace, Orley is the brand that taught you. This Nick Graham outfit shows once again that a, you can wear white pants, b, that you can wear a dress shirt with sneakers and c, that wearing a tie and a shirt in the same color (such as purple) has a very subtle and great visual impact. For those looking for great sports and lounge wear for the 2016 spring-summer season, outfits such as this one by Nautica are the best option. The fashion lesson we learn is that a neutral top always goes perfectly with printed pants. The All-American Michael Kors displayed a very catchy collection of highly wearable clothes that had both a dressy and a sporty vibe. This Alexandre Plokhov outfit features a very interesting aesthetic due to its very well balanced proportions. However, the full effect is not easily perceived the the picture due to the dark background. A chalky blue suit paired with items that feature accent colors. David Hart is always on our favorites list. deTROIT displayed a collection of items that contrasted strongly with one another, but this is why looks such as this one were so powerful. The interesting shoulder details contrast highly with the pants, but in a way they go together very well. The reason why this Hickey Freeman outfit is on our best outfits list is because... who wouldn't wear this on a summer night? The aviator details on this Jeffrey Rudes make it one of the best outfits from all the NYFW:M collections.

Fraquoh and Franchomme

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