Jun 19, 2015

The Morris Park Collection Is About to Be Your New Favorite Shave Set

The Metro Man reviews the new Morris Park Collection, a shave set inspired by New York's historic race track, from the Art of Shaving


Photos by Marcel of One Dapper Street

For the last year I’ve been learning different ways on how to groom and maintain my beard. It’s not easy. There are always these questions and issues, like, what’s the right length, natural or not and the fear, my biggest, that one side will be uneven. I sometimes wish there was a class like “How to trim your beard for dummies” you can take to teach you these kinds of things. Is there?! Sign me up! I slowly learned that my facial hair became an accessory for me, an accent to my outfits and A LOT OF WORK. Recently I tested The Art Of Shaving’s Morris Park Collection, which was inspired by New York’s Historic Morris Park race track and the feel and vibe of vintage cars . I’m use to shaving with an electric shaver, but wanted to give the traditional razor blade a try, and I have to admit it was pretty much life changing. I appreciate the design of the new razor, it’s super masculine and the same time sleek and elegant.

Oh, and be sure to use pre shave, shaving and after-shave products—-these products are quality, and by that I mean REAL luxe. From the moment I put on that luscious soft shaving cream to the moment I applied some after-shave moisturizer I felt pretty damn good. This collection is part of the Heritage Collection which echoes the voice and character of New York’s most dynamic and historic landmarks and neighborhoods. It comes in three signature racing color: British racing green, Signal red and Royal blue (if you’re anything like me you’ll get the Royal blue one, if not, get all three.) You can find the new collection directly on the website (www.theartofshaving.com) and The Art of Shaving Boutiques worldwide. So, next step? Prepare. Lather up & Shave.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by The Art of Shaving

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