Jun 29, 2015

The 12 Best Menswear Looks from Paris Fashion Week SS 2016

See the best looks from the spring 2016 menswear shows in Paris.


Paris Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated and respected fashion events in the global style calendar. The most recent PFW event, which showcased spring-summer collections for the 2016 season, started on June 24 and went on for 5 days in a row, during which French designers and their guests unveiled their take on the 2016 summer season.

Paris Fashion Week is usually known to be the creative guy in the gang, with designs that many qualify as being on the “art” side of fashion walking down the runway twice a year. And this season’s collections didn’t fall short either. Surprising, creative, intense – these are the words that can describe the Paris Fashion Week spring-summer 2016 collections.

In this sense, we could see many interesting mixes of prints, patterns and textures walk down the runway. The designers and brands that showcased during this summer’s PFW also made use of many interesting colors, cuts and aesthetics to express their vision over the way in which the clothes men will wear next summer should look. At times, the artsy mix of patterns was a kind of taken to the extreme, but it was interesting to see what the designers’ vision of what the world looks like now is.

After looking at all the shows, we must say that we really loved Dior Homme’s extensive collection, which was the expression of an abstract dialogue between the current state of the brand and Christian Dior. We were also big fans of Olivier Rousteing’s collection for Balmain that featured great desert military clothes perfect for an explorer with a passion for exotic travels. A third collection that made it on our best of the best list was the Givenchy collection. The French label presented a creative show that featured a bold aesthetic, but which managed to still remain low-key. It is always great when a brand manages to showcase a collection that is still bold and interesting, but that does stand out in an ostentatious way. A happy middle is always the answer for great fashion.

And, in the end, it also needs to be reminded that Rick Owens created a controversy once again, but at least this time it was not because of his doing, but because of a model who wanted to make a brief protest, or, let’s call it statement. Apparently, Mr. Owens punched the model after the show, which was of this doing.

There were many impressive looks that walked down the runway displayed during this June’s Paris Fashion Week and curating a selection of the best of the best was not easy. In the gallery below, you can see some of our favorite looks and the reasons why we enjoyed them as much as we did.

Take a look and make up your opinions about the spring-summer 2016 collections displayed in the French capital!

A very masculine look that captures the way in which the history of fashion is melted in today's collections. From the Alexander Wang collection. This outfit shows that a man can be dressy and dynamic at the same time. Balmain's collection was one of the best of the season. Mixing three prints / textures has never looked so effortless. From the Comme des Garçons collection. Dior Homme's elegant collection featured strong colors, interesting prints and elegant neutral pieces that offer a complete wardrobe to a man who owns his life. Creative, subtle, elegant: Givenchy, in one word. We don't often use the word A bold neutral print always goes great with a solid neutral: a rule that can be interpreted in so many ways, as this Hermès look proves. Issey Miyake offered a collection that can be seen as very creative and artistic, but that is very wearable at the same time! So beautiful! Junya Watanabe unveiled a highly creative collection that featured many strong colors and ethnic motifs. Reinterpreting the classic in a masterful manner is always a great thing to see on the runway. It's an explorer, it's a gentleman, it's the Loewe spring-summer 2016 collection. If people are a blank canvas, than this is how a painting could look, according to SONGZIO at least. For the spring-summer 2016 season, White Mountaineering worked with very creative prints that we loved.

Fraquoh and Franchomme

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