Oct 28, 2015

Why Settle for Basic Sweaters When You Can Get Some With a Twist

Sweater weather has arrived. It's about damn time. As an...


Sweater weather has arrived. It's about damn time.

As an anticipated temperature drop is headed our way here in Los Angeles, I am looking forward to an eventful season of piping hot chai lattes, mellow Spotify playlists and layering with my favorite rotation of sweaters + outwear staples. Sweater weather, as some would call it, is finally upon us.

In my search for sweaters this season, I am looking away from more established brands and more towards options that will truly wow me. Options that epitomize the best qualities of modern menswear.

Because why settle for basic sweaters when you can get some with a twist?

That’s exactly what you’ll be getting with Victor Twist, an apparel brand born and bred in Los Angeles. Victor Twist is both modern and artful at the same time, offering a range of ready-to-wear pieces with plenty of visually-stunning yet minimal designs. Designs that are anything but basic. I am a huge fan of the sweaters, because there’s a strong level of classic craftsmanship meets streetwear sophistication. They are pieces that will happily co-habit as a wardrobe staple and versatile enough for multi-hyphenated professionals. These aspects of the brand resonate well with creatives, like me, who have to look polished while on the go. In and out of the office.

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