Jul 02, 2015

4 Things You Need in Your Summer Wardrobe

The Metro Man shares a foolproof look for summer, pairing a simple striped shirt with a fitted blazer and distressed denim.


Photos by Jeff Thibodeau

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There are days, you know the long endless humid ones, where I find myself wanting to wear shorts, the shorter, tapered, the better. But, there are somedays where I feel a bit uncomfortable slipping into a pair of shorts (and you skinny folks know exactly why I feel that way). And those days call for a pair of bleached or distressed denim (slightly or overly distressed, both are welcome). You can wear them to the office, with a blazer of course, or casually with a tee for the perfect lazy weekend and Sunday brunch. Initially I was never a fan of distressed denim. I felt the rips were sloppy and improper and at times can look cheap, which I can see why. But, after getting my first washed out and distressed denim I came around. I think own 6 pairs today (probably more, but 6 that I actually wear.) There’s an effortless vibe to them that make me feel good and not giving a care to the world of what I wear. I paired these with a striped tee and a black solid blazer. Would you believe me If I told you that this is my first and only black blazer I own? Yup, it’s true. I always suggest guys to get the essentials first (if you don’t have a black blazer yet, well I’m not sure who or what you’re waiting for.) They typically get utilized most, and are likely to stick around longer (exhibit A? This blazer). Although a black blazer is needed all year long, if you haven’t tried wearing a pair of distressed denim, you have all summer long to give it a go

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