Apr 02, 2013

Gorjana & Griffin Spring 2013 Bag Collection

    These bags from gorjana & griffin's new 2013...






These bags from gorjana & griffin's new 2013 Spring collection are both stylish and pretty affordable (starting at $135). The collection is featured in Bone, Camel, and Army in a number of different varieties including day bags, backpacks, laptop cases, travel cases and crossbody bags.  

Starting from left
Walker Day Bag (Bone/Espresso)- $275
Walker Day Bag (Army)- $275
Walker Backpack (Army)- $235
Walker 15" Laptop Case (Camel)- $260
Walker Travel Case (Army)- $135
Walker Crossbody Bag (Camel)- $195

Find the full collection at the Gorjana & Griffin online store.


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