Mar 21, 2013

Lotuff Leather Duffle Travel Luxe

​Brand: Lotuff Leather | Style: Leather Duffle Travel Bag There...


​Brand: Lotuff Leather | Style: Leather Duffle Travel Bag

There isn't enough subtle luxury in this world. Well, maybe I'm a little jaded because I'm living in this aesthetically-driven industry some people call fashion. Hence, my love for Lotuff Leather.​ If you remember not too long ago, I wrote a little diddy on the creation of the lotuff product...check it out if you didn't catch it. It really unearths why you can be so enthusiastic over quality, care, and authentic product that doesn't have mega logos tattooed all over.

​I took my very own, and first, Lotuff bag on the road to Austin. The bag in its subtle ways caused people to turn their heads a little.  You can tell it's nice, but you can't tell where the hell it came from.  I love the softness of the leather, and the richness of the dark ebony color. I didn't use the strap this time around, but the quality is just as outstanding. I'm not expert on all of this but if you're looking for luggage or other leather bags, give Lotuff a shot.

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