Mar 24, 2015

Painting the Longines Heritage Pulsometer

Sunflowerman illustrates the Longines Pulsometer watch in watercolor.

Longines Watercolour Watch Project.

Longines Heritage 1920's Pulsometer

Where the Longines Heritage Diver proved to be arduous to paint with its details, this Heritage Pulsometer has a relatively simple design.

Last night I was chatting with Andrew and Felix of Time and Tide Watches. My lack of watch knowledge is always so apparent around these two but his conversation was about identifiying which watch would fit my personality.

Felix pulled his patented The Tailored Watch interview questions to place me with the most appropriate time-piece, where-in Andrew asserted his own not-so-patented yet professional opinion. None of their suggestions seemed to satisfy the other for which watch would suit me and suddenly agreed on one which hadn't even been suggested.

I may reveal which watch they decided fit my quirky, eclectic, classy, all-around, mostly-gender-nutural, traditional tastes but today I think I know for myself.

Looking at the Pulsometer I could easily see myself wearing it everyday. It may just be quite perfect for me.

To get a proper run-down of the 1920's Heritage Pulsometer check out

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