Sep 02, 2015

Our Top Tips For Growing Your Beard This Fall

With summer heading into its final stretch, beardsmen around the...

Jan Lipkens

With summer heading into its final stretch, beardsmen around the world will start looking ahead to the grand daddy beard growing season of them all: fall (or autumn if you’re fancy). Sure, we’ve talked before about how spring is the best time to grow your first beard or what to expect from a summertime beard, but fall is without a doubt the most appropriate time to enjoy being a beardsman.

Fall > Every Other Season

Apple picking, pumpkin carving, and other agricultural rituals are all best served with a beard. Okay, that might be a bit of stretch, but fall presents both the perfect temperatures and stylistic climate to enjoy your beard to its fullest extent. Temperatures are on the decline, leaving you needing a touch more insulation and wind protection on your face and serving as a good warm up for the impending winter. Additionally, no other season begs for pulling out your favorite flannel shirts, work boots, and denim jackets quite like the fall, each of which can be perfectly complimented by your well-grown fall beard.

What To Expect

Although winter is the most common time to grow a beard for necessity, fall is when every guy starts wondering if he should try growing a beard again, or maybe for the first time. For the younger guys, fall means returning to school and with each new school year comes new opportunities to reinvent your style, which is easily accomplished by the addition of a well-grown beard. However, no matter your age or beard-growing experience level, fall presents the unbeatable combination of climate and activities (think everything camping related) to jumpstart your interest in growing a beard. Also, don’t forget the charitable aspects of growing a fall beard. With No Shave November just around the corner, there’s no other time like the present to start rallying your buddies to opt out of their shaving routines and embrace the beards within. Go team, go beards!

Jan Lipkens

Supplies To Buy

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably let your beard simply do its thing over the summer. It’s hot out, you’re sweating a lot, and if there’s one time of year to simply throw beard grooming to the wind, it’s definitely the summer months. Fall though, that’s a whole different beast.

To start, get yourself a good pair of beard trimming scissors. These will help you keep your beard looking its best and allow you to make minor adjustments as needed with unruly hairs and mustache overgrowth.

Next, we recommend a sturdy beard and mustache comb. Not only will a comb help keep your beard looking well-groomed and cared for, but it will also help rid your beard of loose hairs that might be prone to fall out at less than convenient times throughout the day if you don’t tend to them.

Lastly, do yourself and everyone around you a favor and acquire some beard soap. It might not seem that different, but soap that is specially designed for a beardsman’s face can be a complete game changer in terms of caring for both your beard and the skin beneath it. We promise you’ll be able to see and feel a distinct difference.

Products To Try

Once you’ve gotten your grooming essentials locked down, there are a number of products you can try out to really boost the look, feel, and health of your beard and mustache. The most essential one of these is of course beard oil. Beards have a tendency to dry out the longer they get and beard oil is the most efficient and simple way to combat that. Besides providing much needed moisture to your beard itself, it also helps prevent your skin from drying out, which we all know becomes more common as warm summer nights turn to cool fall evenings.

Next, if you want to really up your shower routine we recommend trying out some beard wash and softener. Beard soap is obviously a great start, but the wash and softener combination really digs deep to provide an even more thorough cleaning and conditioning of your beard. Your beard should feel as good as it looks and using both a wash and softener is the best way to achieve that.

Now if you’re looking to really get creative and try something new, we suggest giving mustache wax a try. We know what you’re thinking, you’re not Salvador Dali or an early 1900s oil tycoon, but believe it or not mustache wax actually serves a great deal of purpose to those who use it. Once your mustache hits a certain length, eating and drinking with it will get annoying and the best way to prevent that, besides trimming your mustache, is by simply positioning it away from your mouth with a little wax. Give it a try, you can thank us later.

Photos by Tommy Cairns

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