Apr 22, 2015

Are You Using the Wrong Shaving Cream?

Craig the Barber weighs in on the best wet shave.


I get asked this question all the time. “Which one of these creams should I choose?” Realistically it’s simply a matter of preference. But for the guy who’s really wants to know the benefits of both, here we go!

First, let’s start with the no-lather shave cream which I commonly refer to as a- “lotion-based” shave cream. These creams were designed with the ease of application in mind. For the guy who does not have the interest (perhaps) or the time to work up a lather using a badger brush. Typically, they are applied using the hand and are designed (most of them) to offer all all the benefits of comfort, glide and protection throughout the shaving process. However, there are two specific set backs that I’ve found.

One, is its inability to promote the practice of warm temperature shave preparation. This is the result of the cream being cooler than the water used to wash and warm the whiskers resulting, in reversing the softening of the beard hairs. Too cool of a shaving surface can create razor drag leading to shaving irritation. Secondly, the use of the hand for application promotes a tremendous amount of waste since there is so much cream being used that realistically isn’t necessary for the shave.

Lather based shaving creams on the other-hand have the ability to be warmed to mirror the water temperature used to prep the face. Also, the added benefit of the badger brush aids in exfoliating the skin and lifting the hairs for more effective shaving strokes. Lastly, using the badger brush can drastically lengthen the time between purchases.

The drawbacks? For many men, it can be considered a chore to whip up a good lather in a mug and we all know how busy our lives can be! Secondly, it’s a product that doesn’t necessarily promote ease of use when away from home since, traveling and after workout showers require you to have your mug, brush and razor handy.

So there you have it! Two shaving creams that get the job done but much different than the other.

Which one do you prefer? Leave a comment below.

Photographs courtesy of Harry's/Facebook

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