Jun 22, 2015

The Coolest Neon Signs in Copenhagen After Dark

Did you know Denmark gets at most 7 hours of sunlight in the winter months? No wonder it's home to some of the coolest neon signage in the world. Here, a sample of the best.

Today, we wanted to share with you a recent project of ours: Neon Copenhagen.

The Danish capital is famous for its neon signage, which is visible all over the city, but is much less garish in style than the neon lights you find in cities such as New York and Las Vegas. With only about 7 hours of daylight in mid-winter in Denmark, bright signage is important for businesses who want to get noticed, even in the dark. The signs in the city are varied in their styles, and we really enjoyed discovering all the styles of typography visible on the neons around the city.

On a recent trip to Copenhagen, we photographed the signs which most caught our attention, in order to create the series you can find below. If you’re passionate about neon signs, why not also check out the Neon Muzeum in Warsaw?


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