May 18, 2015

My Weekend With Kenneth Cole Connect

The Metro Man tries on the Kenneth Cole Connect, a smart watch that syncs up with your phone.

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Photo Credit: Anthony Urbano of Closet Freaks

Wearing: Jacket- Perry Ellis | Shirt, Jeans- AX | Shoes- H1 Shoes | Watch- Kenneth Cole

If I got a dollar for every time someone asked me who takes your photos for the blog, I would probably have about $42, or enough money to buy myself Chipotle for the entire week. I typically meet up with other blogger mates, or drag my sister, and even my pet dog. (kidding, i don’t have a dog, but If I did I would teach him how to use a camera). Anyhoo. I met up with my blogger pal, Anthony Urbano of Closet Freaks to grab some coffee, walk the high line and of course, to shoot. I recently made a new friend. Kinda. with Kennth Cole’s latest innovative watch, The Kenneth Cole Connect. After downloading the KC app, syncing and connecting to your phone, I had full control of my phone via my own wrist watch. That’s right no need for a selfie stick when you got one of these. At first, I was felt a bit skeptical and nervous as I am with any new wearable tech, but every time I figured some new feature, I kept telling myself this is kinda the coolest thing ever. Kenneth Cole Connect comes equipped to receive alerts from your smartphone, so you’ll always be up-to-date when you get a missed call, calendar updates, new messages, oh and get this, if you can’t find your phone, it will locate it for you. The watches start at about $135-$165, super accessible. If it intrigued you as much as it intrigued me, you can learn more about it right here.

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