Oct 31, 2015

5 Mens Hairstyle Trends For 2016

As the menswear industry grows, so does the barbering world....

Mens Hairstyle Trends For 2016

As the menswear industry grows, so does the barbering world. It’s a time where men’s hairstyles are changing faster and faster, so if you want to keep up with haircut trends for 2016 - read on. We spoke with Sam Hickey, the Senior Barber of Murdock London about complimentary products and future trends. We also analysed hairstyles at the most recent global men’s fashion weeks, both on the runway and streets.

Mens Hairstyle Trends For 2016

Textured Quiff

The quiff over recent years has come and gone in different variations, big or small, with a relaxed or structured cut. With this trend coming back in you can be adventurous with a textured quiff. This hairstyle can be fairly easy to style with the right products too. It's about adding depth and life to your hair without it looking too structured and stiff. You can develop this with a sharp cut especially through the back and sides and by leaving quite a lot of height on top - this will create a sophisticated but natural look. Recommended products are Sea Salt Spray and Hair Doh for a good hold and a natural, easygoing look. To style just grab your hair at the sides of the crown and pull it up and twist the hair slightly. With the front, simply choose to wear this pulled away from the face or down slightly.

Mens Hairstyle Trends For 2016

Man Bob

Over the last few seasons we have seen that a lot of men have grown out their hair. Whether they chose to leave it down or pull it back into a man bun it’s been something that we are beginning to grow tired of (no pun intended). Murdock’s Sam has predicted that where in 2015 the hair length was below the collar bone, men will be reducing this (in 2016) to below the shoulders for a much neater and sleeker look. The slightly shorter style will instantly make the hair look fuller and neater all over. It is important when asking your stylist for this type of cut to make sure you ask for textured ends to avoid it looking too feminine.

Mens Hairstyle Trends For 2016


Expect a super short haircut for SS16, hence the name ‘military-esque’. With this style it’s about keeping it really tight at the back and sides and a crop on top. It’s a style that has over the years stood the test of time, it’s simple and easy to style. However, something worth noting before cropping your mop, this is a cut that suits those with a more structured face shape as opposed to those with round or square shapes. Otherwise your face will look too block like and the haircut won’t add any depth to your face. When it comes to styling just at a very small amount of Matt Mudd for a textured finish so it doesn't end up being fluffy and fly away.

Mens Hairstyle Trends For 2016

Side Parting

The side parting is a contemporary look inspired by the 1960s which has been pretty predominant in recent seasons and it is here to stay in 2016. It's a style which works really well for those with thick hair, whether a pompadour style or buzzcut. Most men have a natural parting as their hair falls one way or the other. So emphasize this by creating a deep side part that is faded and slightly undercut on one side whilst structured on the other. It can be a bold look if you want your hair to stand out, needless to say it’s still appropriate for the office and can be worn with both long or shorter hair. If you want something more sophisticated try a wet look with a strong hold Fudge Hair Gum and comb the bulk of the hair at the top over to one side - go for either a sleek combover or vintage waves for texture. If you have longer hair or a slight fringe, add some mystery to your style and leave it more relaxed on one side and across your forehead.

Mens Hairstyle Trends For 2016

Natural Texture

A trend which we saw emerging from the recent SS16 runway shows. If you weren’t putting all your attention on what the models were wearing at LCM this year you might have also noticed the naturally left hair a lot of the guys were sporting. If you want a style that is a quick and easy day-to-day option this could be something to consider. When visiting your barber ask for natural layers to maximise the volume and texture as much as possible (it doesn’t require much styling afterwards). The little styling needed is simple - wet down the hair with blow dry spray and blow dry it flat whilst it remains in the natural wave of the hair, add some GHD straight and smooth spray once dry and shake it out a little whilst still keeping it as flat as possible.

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