Jun 09, 2014

MANSCAPING | with Gillette BODY

MANSCAPING | with Gillette BODY The weather is getting warmer...






MANSCAPING | with Gillette BODY

The weather is getting warmer and summer is just around the corner. Hiding our unwanted or unsightly hair, can no longer be covered by our winter garments. Manscaping use to be a private matter for men, almost embarrassing to discuss aloud. With a new acceptance in men’s grooming and, a great deal of marketing and advertising, men have become more comfortable to share and embrace their grooming routine.

Manscaping is different for every man. Some men shave their entire body, while some shave or even trim specific areas. Some may like certain areas left with a little stubble, making a subtle statement that says “I’m still a man, and I can grow hair”. Some manscaping needs may require assistance from your professional barber or men’s grooming spa. Some men like to tame and shape their brows, and others like their backs shaved or waxed. Most manscaping can be done in the privacy of your own home.

Before we get into tools, tips and products, lets answer the question why manscaping? If you’ve been working out diligently in the gym, with body hair covering your chest and abdomen I can guarantee your results are hidden. Removing hair from your upper body will showcase your new chiseled defined areas. You can enhance your cuts by adding minimal oil or a bronzer. Manscaping can also be apart of good hygiene. Sweating throughout the day can cause unpleasant odors in areas like your genitals, armpits etc. Trimming or removing hair can help you to remain fresh. Manscaping is also great for athletic men who engage in sports. Trimming hair can help preventing things such as jock itch.


Lets begin by using the Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler. The Gillette Styler comes equip with 3 changeable guards, giving you the option to buzz your hair to your desired length. Its always best to buzz your body hair very low before wet shaving preventing tug and pull.


Now that your hair is buzzed down to a low stubble, its time to apply a quality shave cream. I recommend using this amazing shaving creme by MILK from Archipelago Botanicals. Packed with Natural soy proteins and wheat milk protect sensitive skin from the nicks, scrapes and burns associated with everyday shaving. Slippery jojoba ester base allows for a uniquely close and clean shave-leaving skin hydrated, silky-smooth and razor burn free. This product is a guarantee close shave leaving your body feeling silky.


Now that your buzzed and product is applied its time to begin your wet shave. Just in time for manscaping season, Gillette debuts a new razor designed specifically for male grooming. The Gillette BODY is the brands first razor built for male terrain. Its round head, lubricating strips, three floating blades and anti-slip grip makes it the perfect razor while shaving in the shower. Begin shaving with the grain on your first pass. For a closer shave, re-apply more product and shave against or across the grain. Once you have completed your shave follow up by using an alcohol free aftershave. Feel free to apply your aftershave or moisturizer as needed to shaved areas if you feel dry.

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