May 18, 2015

A Classic Brogue With Just the Right Pop of Color

Sunflowerman illustrates his new favorite shoes, a teal brogue with bright red laces.

Candy Apple Green was the other choice. The mouth watering, cheek puckering green looked so great with a brown tip fade on the toe of the shoe that making this decision made my gut churn.

Just A Men Shoe fashion illustration

Pedro of Just A Men Shoe was kindly offering me a pair of his wonderful shoes and all I had to do was make the decision. That Candy Apple Green or Midnight Blue?

My wife tends toward more eclectic colors and patterns, I lean on the side of simple- almost to the spectrum of boring.

Then Pedro gave me a glimpse of this beautiful brogue patterned teal with glowing red laces.


There was no choice after seeing my shoes. They were my shoes, before they even arrived on my doorstep, they spoke to me, they longed for me.

It didn't hurt that Pedro wasn't even offering them for sale yet. Who can resist a rare item or an item not yet released?

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