Oct 14, 2015

Here is why the Reebok Classics Ventilator is the Fall's Must-Have Sneakers

The Reebok Ventilator Gets High-Tech If I learned one thing...

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The Reebok Ventilator Gets High-Tech

If I learned one thing from going to a private school in suburban New Jersey during the early 90s, it’s that your sneaker game better be on point. You see everyone had the same uniform so when it came time for gym class, your sneakers are what set you apart. They had to be expensive, they had to be exclusive, and you had to keep them fresh. Fast forward to now and I’m still holding on to those lessons learned!

Sneakers are my everyday now so I was obviously hyped when I found out that this year marks the 25th anniversary of one of my favorite sneakers, the Reebok Ventilator. To celebrate this milestone Reebok teamed up on various collabs and reissues to highlight the iconic sneaker. The Sophisticated Tech (ST) pack I’m wearing here is for all those people who are about that monochrome life. Black on black, white on white, and gray on gray colorways of the classic silhouette were updated to highlight performance and design, while still maintaining that lightweight breathable quality the Ventilators are known for. From gym squats to rap squats, the new ST’s have got you covered.


Reebok Classics Ventilator ST // Alpha Industries x Ben Sherman MA-1 Bomber // Kenneth Cole Joggers // Kenneth Cole Cap

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