Nov 17, 2015

How To Wear Your Shorts In Winter

There's no reason to ditch your shorts in the winter


We have reached that sad time of year when all of our fun and breezy summer looks have to be packed away under our beds or in the very deep depths of our closet until the first flowers of spring start to bloom.

While putting most of my summer looks away this passed weekend, I stopped and got nostalgic on a couple of pairs of shorts. I realized my love affair with shorts runs deep, and I can't bear to pack 'em away along with everything else. It’s sad enough seeing the crop tops go. In my mind, as long as some my shorts are still in the second draw of my dresser, a little piece of summer will always be with me.

That idea worked up until this morning when I came to the conclusion I just really want to wear sorts again. So I got to thinking about how to accomplish such a feat. Layering is the answer. It’s not brain science, right? But there is one key component to layering that is a must in how to wear your shorts in winter. And that is Leggings.

Leggings are a great solution to many weather related problems during cold wither months. But this season why not show off a great pair and incorporate it into your look. Here I am wearing purple stitched leggings under a pair of wool shorts with contrasting rib detailing from Acne Studios. I paired them with a vintage jacket I picked up in Pairs last month and a nude knit. I topped off the look with a burnt umber wool hat and a plaid scarf. And to keep the look even more warm weather friendly, I slipped into a pair of Birkenstocks.

(Jacket: Vintage/ Knit: Bramante / Shorts & Leggings: Acne Studios/ Scarf: Tommy Hilfiger /Socks: Nike/ Shoes: Birkenstocks)

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