Jun 29, 2015

How to Wear a Tux on the Daily

A dressed-down tuxedo? Yes, you can—and should. Oyster Colored Velvet shows us how it's done, pairing his tuxedo jacket with a denim shirt and loafers.

IMG_5123IMG_5138IMG_5148IMG_5171IMG_5186IMG_5166(Look: Tommy Hilfiger)

Thought: living life in the fantasy lane is a far superior state of potential existence to living life in the literal lane. Morning rituals doesn’t allow much room for the fantastical, so a good time to steer into fantasy lane is after the sun goes down. Allow me to explain by demonstrating with a way of pulling off tux off the red carpet.

Wearing a tux always seemed like a terrifying task to me. I don’t know why exactly. Perhaps it’s the penguin references or looking too much like a "man", but the thought of slipping into a tux rattled me more then wearing a fur jacket to a PETA function or Donald Trump's hair having permanent residence in the White House.

However I got to thinking about how to wear a tux on the daily while staying at the Corinthia Palace in Malta (because this is what you do when staying at a palace). So I conquered my fears and wore it with a casual palm tree print denim shirt, ankle revealing trousers and loafers.

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