Jun 13, 2015

6 Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen's Style Factor

Guys, takeout boxes don't count as kitchen decor. Instead, here are six genius interior design tips to make your kitchen the sexiest room in the house.


Style is not something that is limited to accessories, clothes, grooming and your overall personal look. Everything in your life should be stylish, as, your environment and the way you do and are things has a massive influence on your attitude and world view – we call that metafashion.

Therefore, your environment can be styled up just as any outfit. And, by environment, we don’t necessarily mean just your bedroom, office, etc., we mean every part of your environment. And this includes your kitchen.

Big or small, wide or narrow, in a block house or in an apartment, there are a few easy ways to take the appearance of your cooking environment to new heights. Adding simple accessories here and there can have a tremendous impact on the way your kitchen looks and on the way you feel in it.

Let’s take a look at easy and affordable ways to style up your kitchen:

Add a clock

The Vitra George Nelson ball clock

The Vitra George Nelson ball clock

Sometimes kitchens can be small, so there is not enough room to add too many pillows, furniture pieces or other décor items. This is the reason why a clock is a great way to take your kitchen’s look to another level. A wall clock doesn’t take up much space, it brings personality to the room and it is also a useful piece.

An interesting piece such as this Vitra clock is a great way to make your kitchen stand out and look more dynamic, stylish and fancy.

Organize in style

A S'well onyx large stainless steel bottle

A S’well onyx large stainless steel bottle

A kitchen needs a lot of things: coffee, sugar, flour, oil, vinegar – these are just of the essentials that need to be found in a cooking environment. Keeping these items in their original packaging or in very different cans and bottles does not only take up a lot of space, as each recipient has a different shape, but it can also be tiring to the eye. Keeping your kitchen essentials in the same type of bottle or container will not only save you space, but it will also make the room look and feel more organized. Bottles and jars can be easily personalized, and you can add labels to your new recipients in a few moments.

Keeping it minimal and organized is a great way to distress your kitchen and to feel more relaxed in it.

Add books

Getting a book for your kitchen can be a great move

Getting a book for your kitchen can be a great move

If your space allows it, adding a few books in a special place in the kitchen can turn a regular kitchen into an experience. Books are a great indicator of their owner’s personality, tastes and interests. Integrating at least one book in your kitchen is a wonderful way to make your kitchen look like an exclusive restaurant rather than a quick drive-through.

Use interesting accessories

Areaware Prism Corkscrew

Interesting accessories such as this Areaware Prism corkscrew are a great way to make your kitchen feel more personal, more intimate and warmer. Don’t get us wrong: not every single piece you use should be very different from what one could expect, but having a few statement pieces in your kitchen will make it feel more at home and will definitely make it memorable to your guests.

Make a statement

Owen and Fred You Earned It Bottle Opener

Even though funny aprons or other similar items might seem like a cliché, owning one or two kitchen-related items that convey a message in the most direct way will not only add some flair to your cooking room, but they also make for great mood enhancers. Moreover, a fun piece, such as this Owen and Fred You Earned It bottle opener is a perfect tool to keep the conversation going when you are entertaining.

Go bold

Areaware Shapes Drink Rocks

Even the smallest detail of your kitchen can have the greatest impact. For example, a set of Areaware Shapes drink rocks is a very quirky and cool thing to have. This set is composed of 4 geometric drink stones, which are crafted from soapstone and marble. These can be added to drinks to keep liquids cold without diluting their flavor. Now how cool is that? Conversation starter, right there!

As you can see, you don’t actually need to do a lot of things to add personality to your kitchen. Living in a customized environment will make you feel more in touch with everything that is going on around you and will make you feel like the true king of the castle, which you are.

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