Nov 03, 2014

Holiday Gifts: Upgraded Tech

Halloween’s over, the holidays are imminent, bonuses are looking good...

Halloween’s over, the holidays are imminent, bonuses are looking good for some, and maybe some of the tech you treated yourself to last year is pretty much obsolete. That’s the name of the tech game, isn’t it? When it comes to tech, I’m reluctant to frivolously buy for that very reason: it’s going to look old next year. While that’s pretty much inevitable, there are certain devices and designs that I’m looking to upgrade to that I have a hunch will sustain their lifespan longer than their counterparts. Others are best served to purely enjoy the moment with.

Holiday 2014 Tech Gift Guide by Talun Zeitoun of Rebel Cavalier

1. Leica X “Edition Moncler”: The iPhone 6 claims to replace the point-and-shoot, but let’s be honest: there’s nothing worse than trying to capture what could be a once-in-a-lifetime moment with your preferred camera app and — right at that very moment — a call comes through. To top things off, you’re in such a frenzy that you completely forget how to ignore the call because you’re so annoyed that you’re about to miss the photo opp that you actually miss it. My advice? Keep a tried-and-true camera handy like Leica’s X series collaboration device with Moncler: it’s your best bet for incredible 16.1 megapixel imaging (HD video, too!) at the simple, quick press of a button. You can never go wrong with Leica.

2. Timeless Tunes Bluetooth Gramophone by Gramovox: I’m a bit of an old soul, so I love the nostalgic yet modern look of this bluetooth stereo reminiscent of early gramophones circa 1922. While most stereos in the marketplace are competing for the most post-modern look, I admire Gramovox for glorifying the original stereo design concepted over 100 years back and refining it into product that is clearly timeless; one that boasts a beautifully crafted steel horn, which allows for it to emit a “vintage sound”. I also love a good entrepreneurial success story on Kickstarter, so a big congratulations are in order for achieving +240% of their goal at the beginning of the year.

3. Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats Wireless Headphones: Finally. The reason why I broke my Powerbeats was directly related to the cord getting in the way, so these headphones solve all problems: rich sound, lightweight, stays in your ear, and wireless.

4. Polaroid Cube: I’ve been looking to invest in an action camera like the famed GoPro models, but I had other immediate priorities than dropping three or four hundred on yet another device of mine that records video. So when I saw these Polaroid cubes previewed early in the year, I was intrigued. Then I saw their $99 price tag and I was sold. Don’t let their corky appeal fool you. These tiny cubes are packed with HD video technology and a 90 minute recording battery life. Plus, they have some cool accessories to get the most out of what a action camera is truly built for. You can snag one in your favorite color: black, blue, or red; or get all three, magnetically stack them, and record 3 different directions at once.

5. Michael Bastian Smartwatch: Set to release this Friday November 7th exclusively by Gilt, this smartwatch has the basics of everything you’d need for a smartwatch to do while still looking like a classic watch: it’ll display texts and emails; you can control your music; command it to show sports scores, stock prices and the weather; plus, it’ll keep your day in check with calendar events. It connects via Bluetooth with any iPhone version you should have at the moment to properly function with (4S+) or recent Android models. Oh, and a week’s worth of battery life? Cheers to that.

6. iPad Air 2: No explanation necessary except for the fact that I’ve been holding onto my iPad 2 for some plus three years now and all I can say is “laaaaggg!” That and gold adds a luxe touch to justify the spend in treating myself.

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