Feb 02, 2015

Fresh Feature: Old Spice New Fresher Collection

Getting fresh starts way before you put on a new...

Getting fresh starts way before you put on a new car coat,  distressed jeans or even some new boots.   It starts from when you shower and when you put on deodorant.  Sadly a lot of men don’t put the same effort in what they put on their underarms as they do on their backs.  All the cologne may mask the must for a while, but it won’t help to protect you throughout the day as you remain active.

Old Spice is releasing a new collection of products called the Fresher Collection.   An update from their popular Fresh Collection in 2010, this collection features the following five scents that have nature-inspired scents.

· Timber – Herbal base notes complemented by fresher scents of woody timber and leafy mint. For true lumberjacks, the scent of Timber is newer and fresher than forests and nobility.

· Amber – A combination of oriental and gourmand base notes with hints of seaberry, amber and molasses. For true explorers, the captivating scent of Amber is newer and fresher than tree sap and danger.

· Citron – Green base notes with an invigorating mixture of citrus, lemongrass and sandalwood finishing scents. For true captains, the scent of Citron is fresher than limes and life successes.

· Fiji – Refreshing juniper and blood orange mixed with base notes of warm woods, amber, coconut and sweet musk. Fiji smells like palm trees, sunshine and freedom, marooning your body on a pristine tropical island and leaving you feeling fresher than coconuts and daydreams.

· Denali – Fresh spices, rosemary and lavender mixed with base notes of creamy vanilla, rich amber and sandalwood. Denali smells like wilderness, open air and freedom, offering a snowy crisp scent worth the man and yak power required to climb 

What makes this deodorant different from any others you might be using.  BCD Technology.

“The new Fresher Collection lineup of nature-scented anti-perspirant/deodorants feature P&G’s odor fighting donut technology which releases bursts of fresh scent as sweat occurs and also traps any odor that may form. In more scientific terms, the Old Spice BCD technology features a cyclic molecule with a core that is preloaded with fragrance. As a guy sweats, fragrance is pushed out of the core releasing bursts of fresh scent.”

You can learn more about the new collection by watching this video.

The lovely folks at Old Spice have sent over some of products from the fresher collection and I’ll be checking them out and getting back to you all on the freshness. Who better to rate the fresh, than chris?

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