Sep 22, 2014

Exclusive Woody & Spicy Parfums for Fall  It’s time to...

Exclusive Woody & Spicy Parfums for Fall  It’s time to...


Exclusive Woody & Spicy Parfums for Fall 

It’s time to put away the fresh aromatic fragrances and transition into our fall scents.  This fall I’ve provided some exclusive fragrances, that will spice up your fall and heat up your winter. Lets stray away from an Eau de Toilette and try a Parfum this season. You may be asking yourself, what is the difference between EDT versus EDP? The difference is the concentration. In simple terms, its the strength of a scent. An Eau de Parfum typically has 15 percent aromatic compounds, where in an Eau de Toilette has 10 percent. Eau de Parfums are often higher in price point in comparision to a toilette. One benefit of a Parfum is that you’ll find yourself using less because of its strength. 

1. Dolce & Gabbana: Velvet Patchouli, (1.6 fl. oz. $210)


  • Dominant, intense, decisive. Notes:
  • Sweet and spicy patchouli oil.
  • The woody tones and elegance of Kephalis.
  • The tenacity of musk.
  • Olfactive family: Woody Chypre.

2. AMOUAGE: Honour, (100ml, $290)

Honour for Man is a spicy and woody fragrance invoking memories of the past. A filial elegy to the honour and memory of Madame Butterfly, this is a story of reconciliation.

NOTES: Pink pepper, black pepper, geranium, elemi, nutmeg, patchouli, frankincense, cedarwood, vetiver, tonka bean, musk

3. Mancera: Sand Aoud, (120ml, $160)

NOTES: Black currant and spices opens to a heart of rose, saffron and incense; base notes are patchouli, agarwood (oud), vanilla and white musk.

4. MONTALE: Red Vetyver, (100ml, $170)

The woody depth of the Vetiver from Haïti, the Cedarwood from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains and the Patchouli Leaves reveals the fresh notes of Grapefruit, around an invigorating heart of Elemi and Black Pepper from Madagascar.

5. TOM FORD: Tobacco Oud, (50ml, $215) 

Tobacco Oud explores a secret history of addictive arabic. 

Passions: Crafting fragrances from precious oud wood resin and smoking aromatic tobacco. It Interwines Mesmerizing oud with an Idealized arabic tobacco accord inspired by “DOKHA” a blend of herbs, flowers, and spiced-laden tobacco.

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