Jun 17, 2015

Evening Skincare Routine: How to Fight Dark Spots in Your Sleep

Mirror Reality shares his go-to grooming routine for fighting pigmentation, dark spots, and acne spots.


Pigmentation issues are quite annoying once you have them. Those darker and brown spots, freckles that pop up and the endless quest for effectiveness that doesn’t hurt your skin, makes this a hard buy.

I don’t really suffer from pigmentation other than the odd acne scar or sunburn that left a brown mark, but I’m more than willing to experiment with Estée Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum and other treatments that clarify and brighten the skin while evening out any discolorations. Readily applied in the evening onto freshly cleansed skin, in this instance by my professional sized tub of Darphin Aromatic Cleansing balm With Rosewood. It’s pure love for this one people!

After a good massage and a hot washcloth to take it off, I splash with cold water and pat dry. The occasional herbal/therma water spray comes into play at this point, the KenzoKi Fresh Lotus Water is running on fumes by now, and then on top of that fine mist I go in with the Estee Lauder Enlighten serum. It smells so good, sweet almost but nothing overpowering as the serum sinks in quickly and leaves a pearl like veil on the skin. I’m quite pale as it is so proper hydration gives me an instant soft glow effect. You can expect full results after 4 weeks from the Enlighten serum and it does remedy that blotchy skin, pigmentation and lingering redness from acne marks.

Massaging it in with fingertips, it slides around effortlessly since I gave my skin a fine misting. Takes a good 30 seconds for the combination spray+serum to sink in and then I go in with this amazing treat.. the Nude Skincare Progenius Oil. I’m mad about their jelly cleanser and the progenius milk is coming up, but more on those later. The progenius oil combines 10 plant extracts and omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 to really deeply regenerate and nourish skin. It sounds silly at first because I know my facial oils quite well, but this one is such a beautiful blend of rich treatment oils that my skin fell for it after 3 uses. Dehydration and the beginning signs of aging need to be addressed, so while most of my oils focus on 1 thing or just 1 ingredient.. this Progenius oil effectively targets elasticity, deep moisture, premature aging, skin tone and texture. Smells like any non fragranced oil, pure and effective the moment you slip it on. 3 drops if I’m feeling like pure pampering, 2 for a regular overnight sleeping beauty effect. Mixed in with moisturizer, on its own.. it’s vegan and amazing!

Using this combination I wake up with non sticky, soft, smooth, glowing and a paler/brighter complexion each time! They’re not cheap, but against pigmentation and aging you need to get quality that not only treats but also prevents.

Darphin Aromatic Cleansing Balm With Rosewood 40ml – €34,90
Kenzoki Fresh Lotus Water 125ml – €28,20
Estée Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum 30ml – €64,5
Nude Skincare Progenius Oil 30ml – £58

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