Oct 23, 2015

Easy Guide On Dress Shirt and Tie Color Combinations

In my opinion, a great suit is the top level...


In my opinion, a great suit is the top level of fashion for men. There is nothing that will ever compare to the look and class a nice suit will give to a men.

Suits have been in the fashion industry for so long that it is kind of unthinkable to see it disappearing one day. We may see some changes to the cuts, colors and measures but a suit will always be a suit.

Just so you have an idea, King Charles II used the suit to uniform the men at his English Court; that’s where the business suits that we see regularly today originated from.

One thing King Charles didn’t expect was to see many men nowadays ruining his uniform. A poor fitted suit is just as bad as not wearing a suit at all.

You should have the perfect fit for your suit in order to look like a true gentleman. You will always do better on your suit game if you visit a tailor so he can take your measurements and adjust your suit accordingly.

#Don’t ruin your suit: it doesn’t matter how beautiful your suit is, if you don’t know how to do a dress shirt and tie color combinations, you will fail on the style category.

I don’t know about you, but I personally had a lot of trouble trying to figure what to match with what; like color, texture, fabrics etc… I believe this will be one of the most helpful posts for men who go through the same struggle that I did.

Understand Color Pallets

In order to do the color combinations for your dress shirt and tie, you first need to understand color variations.

If you go over some cool color pallets at least once, it will save you a lot of time in the future when trying to figure out what colors to match.

#color example: to make your life easier, here is a cool color graphic with some of the most popular color combinations:

Paris+Wardrobe+Color+guideCopy picture image html:

 source: Paristogo.com as seen on RoyalFashionist.com

You Can’t Go Wrong With White

As you can see in the first line of the color pallet, black and white is the easiest path if you are in a hurry or just don’t know what to wear.

White simply goes with everything, that’s why you see most men filling their closets with many white dress shirts. It will match any suit style/color from plaid to regular solid colors.

… even white on white

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl Wedding Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl Wedding

Matching a Tie with a Striped and Plaid Dress Shirt

Striped and Plaid dress shirts were always a big question in my head. “Should I keep the same pattern for both shirt and tie, or should I change it?”

Plaid shirt and striped tieCasual Plaid shirt and striped tie

Different from what I first thought, the stripped and plaid dress shirts don’t necessarily need to be matched with a solid tie. But you should be careful with the colors because since you have different patterns going on, you don’t want too many colors to the point that it’s overwhelming to look at.

plaid and striped shirts - suits#Avoid the Zebra look: The only thing to remember is that although it is OK to wear a stripped dress shirt with a stripped tie, if you are wearing a stripped suit, choose another type of tie or you will look like a zebra.

Floral and Textured Dress Shirt with Tie

This one is a little more complicated because we are dealing with more patterns and graphics. It can easily look too busy if you choose the wrong combinations.

For this occasion you can simply follow what a wedding counselo r would tell you:

“When someone is talking the other one should just listen”.

In this case the floral shirt is the wife and the tie is the husband if you know what I mean lol. So if your shirt is too loud, like in the case of a floral shirt, use a solid tie to give it a nice color support.

I am a very big fan of floral shirts and I love to wear it with a suit. Sometimes when you are going out at night to meet up with friends and you want to look good with a suit but not too dressy, you can just throw in a floral shirt to break the ice. ‘Trust me it works!’.

grand frank shirt and tie combo

The guys at Grand Frank do a very good job on educating men via their Instagram page and they have some tips on how to pair a floral shirt with a tie. You see the most ‘crazy colors’, look so subtle when paired with the right suit and tie.

They even separated a page on their site with shirt and tie sets to make it easier to purchase all at once.

'I would've dressed better, but my tie was dirty.'


My biggest tip is, invest in good quality suits that will last for a long time. You basically just need two to three different color of suits, so make sure you buy the right ones.

What you will be spending most of your money are on shirts because that is what will change your whole outfit.

How many times a month do you wear a suit and what do you usually have more trouble with? Let me know in the comment section.

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