Oct 21, 2015

Why a Denim Jacket is a Key Staple in Your Vacation Wardrobe

Next to hotel soaps, of course.


I have been traveling around Europe for the past month WEARING POLOS and SUEDE JACKETS that all come from my one medium sized suitcase and backpack. As a steady traveler, I learned early on the importance of traveling light. Cut to me on my first trip to Paris with two suitcases, a carry on and a garment bag stranded after being dropped off in front of the wrong hotel. I have wised up a bit since then and now understand the type of items that are key styles to pack for a long trip in the fall. Enter the Denim jacket.

Denim is a traveler’s best friend, next to hotel soaps. Will the denim jacket ever not be cool? Seems like a fat chance. It is a dual-gender wardrobe “staple” that, depending on how you wear it, can dress up or down any look. It is super durable and weather proof. You can wear it with a dress shirt and trousers just as easily with a tee and jeans.

Here I sported the look while walking around the beautiful city of Lisbon last month. I paired it with a cashmere sweater, cotton joggers and Nike kicks. A look that seems blur the lines of a TYPICAL TOURISTY LOOK.

(Jacket: Lucky/ Shirt: Theory/ Pants: Penguin/ Shoes: Nike)

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