Apr 09, 2015

Day Trip to the Island of Hydra in Greece

Style blogger Talun Zeitoun gives us the insider's tour of Hydra, a picturesque getaway island in Greece.


One of the highlights from my Grecian adventure last week (which you may have followed along through my Instagram) was day three: an excursion via private yacht over the Aegean Sea en route to Greece’s national monument and place-I’d-like-to-eventually-call-home, Hydra (Ύδρα, pronounced eedra). Anthony, who runs the incredible (and highly informative) travel blog Inspired Citizen, curated our entire holiday but specifically nailed planning this day as we couldn’t contain our excitement with each minute going by (we literally gave Molly Shannon a run for her money kicking our feet in the air countless times yelling I LOVE IT - I LOVE IT - I LOVE IT!). Three hours later slicing the serene sea with our beautiful 75' yacht of Alpha Yachting and pass the island of Poros for a really close wave hello at the locals; we entered through the bay of Hydra, docked out boat, and set to explore the vibrant isle.

Talun Zeitoun in a men's nautical outfit on the island of Hydra in Greece There are no cars allowed on the island. Not that you'd need one -- the town's so dense you can walk from one side to the other in less than 10 minutes. But for convenience (mostly for tourists, I'd imagine), there are donkeys that wait by the bay to take you through the dense stone streets and up the hills. Our short 3-hour stay didn't allow for us to partake, but seen as how I accidentally left my Tom Ford sunglasses on the dock, I have reason to come back (they're totally gone -- congrats to the new owner whoever you are) and knock a Hydra donkey ride off the bucket list.


A donkey on the island of Hydra in Greece


It's truly like a place out of a fairy tale, or one of those Condé Nast Traveler articles of places that look incredible, but in reality seem impossible to go to -- a yeah, that'd be nice or a sigh, one day... page turner. But there were no sighs about it. I was there. And just like watercolored painting, the hills were encrusted with colorful homes and even more colorful shutters; the hills were green -- a rarity, but due to the heave rainfall as of late, the mountains were filled with lush green foliage; and the water was clear and emerald. I've never experienced such a place in all my life.




Above: The weather was ideal at a mid-70's temperature. I picked up a few nautical inspired pieces before I left the States and simply accessorized the look with a watch from SKAGEN. It's a beautiful design: thin and lightweight. I'm picky with watches since my wrists are tiny, but this one's going carry me nicely through summer.






Above: Stray cats and dogs are typical (and numerous!) in Greece, but well taken care of by the locals despite not being their true owners. These animals lounge around all day, are well fed, and incredibly friendly.

Below: I finished off my look with an early birthday present -- Margiela's (of course), but how could you not?



Crystal clear waters, radiant blue skies, delicious food, no cars, incredibly kind people, a photographer's playground, and unexpected inspiration around every bend. Hydra, I'll be back... would you go?

Wearing: Zara Striped Top // Uniqlo Jeans // SKAGEN Watch
Ben Minkoff Backpack // Maison Martin Margiela Shoes

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