Feb 13, 2015

Why the Candian Rockies Should Be on Your Bucket List

Excuse us while we Canadians humble-brag on this one.


Excuse us while we use the humble brag card on this one. Yes, the one place that every man should visit before 40, after 40, married or single, is right in our backyard. Although we may sometimes take it for granted, we will never lose the undying appreciation for it’s raw beauty that is instilled in us as Western Canadians.


The Rocky Mountains make you feel small. They challenge you, they inspire you, and in breathtaking serenity they swallow you whole. Every little taste from the drive, to the skiing, to the wildlife is like a puzzle piece to the perfect bucket list vacation. You can literally play peek-a-boo with the sun as it blasts through the clouds and darts around mountain peaks, unveiling a glistening evergreen utopia. The skies, oh the skies - did we already say breathtaking?


The Rockies are like a bunk bed, leaving infinite room for activities. They’re like a hiking, skiing, caving, biking, canoeing, horseback riding, number one combo, upsize the adrenaline. We recommend a stay in Banff. You will find niche markets, charming boutiques, beautiful hotels, a night life like you've never seen, and inevitably tacky Canada gear. Feeling sore after a hard day in the hills? No problem. The hot springs are there for you, always. Let’s face it guys, every bucket list needs an out-doorsy paradise to jam with and this one is calling you by name.


Of course, you've already heard that us Canadians are overly polite in our mannerisms so we will say our please and thank you’s in advance, and we already feel a little sorry if you turn down the opportunity to visit our mountainous wonderland. Please say hello if you’re in the area, Eh!

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