Jan 30, 2014

BOTOX in a bottle | ZIRH REPAIR 

BOTOX in a bottle | ZIRH REPAIR I was introduced...


BOTOX in a bottle | ZIRH REPAIR

I was introduced to this product back in 2010 when I began working for Proctor and Gamble. Zirh is a great skincare line designed for men addressing face, shave, fragrance and more. Zirh’s platinum line is Ultra-luxe, technologically advanced skin care products that address the specific needs of men’s skin.

By the time I turned 31 I noticed slight frown lines and creasing under my eyes. After talking to a former client of mine who got Botox for his 30th birthday I was interested. Later I consulted a doctor to receive further information on Botox. Finding out it only last several months before needing more shots again I asked myself was it worth it? Maybe it is, but for now Zirh Repair is a life saver!

Zirh Repair is an advanced treatment that targets deep lines around the eyes, forehead, and lips. Gives an immediate tightening effect, hydrates to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and protects the skin from daily stressors to maintain a youthful appearance.

Once I apply this product to my troubled areas, I can feel and see an immediate tightening. I love this product! Highly recommended!

Zirh Repair, $145 (purchase here)

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