Aug 30, 2013

Billy Reid Model Casting

Billy Reid Model Casting Location: Billy Reid’s studio Sorry for...








Billy Reid Model Casting

Location: Billy Reid’s studio

Sorry for the late update, but I never properly announced my mentor for this seasons Tumblr Fashion Week program. As you can probably guess, I was teamed up with one of the most talented southern gentleman, Billy Reid. Yesterday I had the chance to stop by his New York studio just above SoHo to meet for an hour and shadow his male model casting process. While hanging out in his studio I was able to see the structured chaos that is 20 + models at a time coming in with their books ready to walk, have their picture taken, and get ranked on a 1 - 3 scale for their chance to walk in his show this coming Thursday. Beyond observing Billy’s process, I was also able to capture a surreal moment with my Sony Nex-5R that will be unveiled in Milk Studios during MADE fashion week September 5th. A monumental moment I look forward to sharing with you all and launching what will be yet another special fashion week!

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