May 01, 2014

Bald Guys Guide for The Perfect Dome

Bald Guys Guide for The Perfect Dome | feat. DomeCare...



Bald Guys Guide for The Perfect Dome | feat. DomeCare Solutions

There are many products on the market for guys with hair but what about products for bald guys? Sure, you can use shaving cream and shave your head but wouldn’t it be nice to use a product specifically designed for your head? Of course it would. Bald guys prepare to change your life and embrace your dome.

I was introduced to DomeCare Solutions a few months ago and instantly fell in love. DomeCare Solutions is an anti-aging grooming line for men who shave their heads. Like DCS Brand Ambassador and President, I too started to loose my hair at an early age. I struggled for years trying to find the perfect product to shave my head but also provide treatment.

DomeCare provides todays bald guy with an easy to use system of products that actually work. As a licensed barber I’ve tried many products, and I highly recommend DCS for every bald guy.


Tools needed, before your begin: Have a new fresh razor to shave your head. I currently use a Dovo straight edge razor. If you know how to use a straight edge, and don’t have one this a great disposable razor to use. If your wondering what blade I use its a German brand named Merkur. For an over the counter blade, I highly recommend the new Gillette Fusion FlexBall.

1. Dome Shave Gel:

After cleansing your head apply a quarter size amount of Dome Shave Gel to your head. This product is very thick, creating a barrier between your skin and your blade. If you have ultra-sensitive skin I would recommend applying a pre-shave oil prior. Begin shaving your head with the grain first, then re-apply more Gel and shave across or against the grain for a smoother dome. Remember this gel gets you very close. For some guys shaving with the grain will get you the closeness you need.

2. Dome Relief:

Once your done with your shave. Rinse your head with cool water or pat with a cool towel to tighten your pores. Apply your Dome Relief Splash, which is used to calm your skin and reduce any inflammation. This product can also be viewed as a toner for your head. Be aware that this product pours out pretty quickly at the opening. Pour slowly and have your hand in a cupped position.

3. Dome Shine Absorber or Dome Shine

Now that your head is shaved and refreshed, its time for the finishing touch. If your like myself and have a very oily head, you may prefer a more matte look. If thats you apply about a dime size amount of Dome Shine Absorber to your head. This will reduce your shine completely while leaving your head hydrated. If you prefer a subtle-shine, apply a half to full pump of Dome Shine to your head. This product hydrates and provides a nice luster to your head without appearing oily.

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