Nov 21, 2014

Perry Ellis and Kirk Chambers

The second illustration in the Aesthetic Guide for the Dapper...

The second illustration in the Aesthetic Guide for the Dapper Man takes the classic American brand Perry Ellis styled on Kirk, one of the brothers behind Brothers and Craft.

Perry Ellis Brothers and Craft

The Painting


Get the Look. The Shirt. The Vest. The Shoes. The Cardigan. The Tie.

The Process

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The Drawing

Perry Ellis Kirk Chambers Drawing Layout

Drawing may be the most important step in the painting process. It lays the ground work for what will happen next. The drawing sets the proper boundaries for success.

Now I know where colors will go, where details will go, where values will go. Even if things change I at least have given myself a 'road-map' for success. I have given myself courage to complete the daunting journey of painting.

Perry Ellis Kirk Chambers DrawingPerry Ellis Kirk Chambers Drawing 5Perry Ellis Kirk Chambers Drawing 4Perry Ellis Kirk Chambers Drawing 3Perry Ellis Kirk Chambers Drawing 2Perry Ellis Kirk Chambers Drawing 1

I laugh when I look at this first step in the drawing. The feet are comically large. After about 5 tries to get the proper proportions I was finally able to lay in the values and details.

Color Studies

Color is my Achilles Heel. It has consistently been the Resistance that works to destroy my art.

Testing is the foil to my foible.

Testing and experimenting is highly valuable. It's like cooking a meal for the first time. You have to taste it as you go. Add a bit more salt. Spritz a bit of pepper. That is where the Perry Ellis illustration is right now. In a testing phase.

Let me know what your favorite background color option?

AG4DM 2. Perry Ellis and Kirk Chambers color studies.AG4DM 2. Perry Ellis and Kirk Chambers color studies 2.image.jpg

The Rough

I'm loving the relative simplicity of this illustration so far. The background is made up of simple, geometric shapes, all at right angles. It shoves all of the focus on the figure.

This way we get to focus on Kirk and the amazing Perry Ellis clothing.

The AG4DM Perry Ellis and Kirk Chambers rough draft


?format=500wPerry Ellis and Kirk Chambers in the Aesthetic Guide for the Dapper Man sketches?format=500w

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