Sep 12, 2015

A Relaxed Look At New York Fashion Week

Just do it with ease.

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(Shirt: I Love Ugly/ Pants: Topman/ Shoes: Converse/ Hat: Worth & Worth)

Loosen up, relax and let your hair down. That seems to be what is echoed in between the predictable small talk this year at New York Fashion Week. Following the end of summer the Spring/ Summer Fashion Week is always calmer then it’s Fall/ Winter predecessor. I'm not sure if it's the move from Lincoln Center or the outpouring of stand-out fringe-fabric, but this season NYFW seems to be yoga calm.

So I’m going for a look that says summer was great; let’s keep relaxing.

So I am going for that effortless look that is as easy as a summer breeze. Comfortable and free like something that just comes over you, like a thought mid-meditation. Shirt, untucked. Shoes, white sneakers. Hat, because I didn’t have time for my usual hair game this morning. So without further adieu, here is my relaxed look at New York Fashion Week.

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