May 26, 2015

​5 Grooming Must-Haves for The Traveling Man

Don't let travel mess with your grooming routine. Here, we rounded up the portable, foolproof essentials you need to look good, no matter where in the world you might be.

Chances are, your current grooming routine goes something like this: shower, put on deodorant, shave or make sure your beard is in check, throw some product in your hair (like a quality matte pomade), and walk out the door. For an everyday routine for the everyday man, this is a decent start.

Add travel into the mix however, and for most guys, good grooming practices are left at the airport curb. But with stress, less sleep, jet lag, and dry airplane cabins, you should actually take your grooming routine more seriously when you travel. Luckily, doing so isn’t hard and I’ve rounded up my five step travel grooming checklist for you below.

STEP ONE: Face Moisturizer


Plane cabins are notorious for their dry, recycled air that doesn’t do any favors for your skin -- so the longer the flight, the more important a good skin moisturizer becomes. Especially on long international flights that involve an overnight, I go to the lavatory and put on face moisturizer before going to sleep. Not only is it relaxing, it also helps me look and feel refreshed when I land. Try This: Recipe For Men Facial Moisturizer

STEP TWO: Face Wipes


Sleeping on a plane is never perfect -- especially if you’re sitting in coach. But no matter where I’m sitting and sleeping, I usually wake up groggy. After five hours of sleep (at which point I’ll usually be nearing my destination) I head to the lavatory and use a quality face wipe to help wake me up and feel fresh and clean. Trust me, doing so will change long haul flights for you. Try This: Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes



Watch people get off an all-nighter or any long international flight and the first thing that gives away the wear and tear travel has taken on their bodies is their eyes. To avoid looking like a zombie, just dap on some under-eye cream about an hour before landing to help combat puffiness and dark circles. Remember, looking awake will help you feel awake. Try This: Evolution Man Revitalize Eye Gel

STEP FOUR: Fulton & Roark Cologne


I was never a cologne guy until I found Fulton & Roark. These non-liquid, solid colognes don’t smell like your typical “I’M WEARING COLOGNE” colognes. Their scents are unique, subtle, and their super-compact metal cases makes them easy to travel with. Plus, applying a little before I land helps me arrive feeling (and smelling) like a pro traveler who’s ready to hit the ground running (instead of a smelly mess who’s ready for nothing but a shower). Try This: Fulton & Roark’s Shackleford scent



While not a grooming product, water should be the most important item in your travel grooming arsenal. And really, it’s not the last step in your travel grooming routine -- drinking enough water is something you should be conscious of starting the morning of your flight and continuing throughout your trip. For long flights, make sure to buy the biggest bottle you can find (or fill up your own water bottle at a water fountain) before boarding and chug throughout your journey. Water not only will keep you and your skin hydrated, it’ll also help you feel more awake and combat jet lag when you land. Try This: 8 Awesome Water Bottles For Traveling

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