Oct 30, 2015

4 Step Skin Routine For Beardsmen

So you’ve got a beard worthy of Zeus himself and...

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So you’ve got a beard worthy of Zeus himself and take care of it like it’s your own child, but what about the rest of your face? As much as you’d like to think your beard is the focal point of your head, you’ve got some other prime real estate that needs to be taken care of too – the skin on your face.

Below, I’ll outline a simple, yet effective four step skin care routine a beardsman can follow every day.

1. Cleanse

The cornerstone of firm, bright skin is a clear complexion. The best way to keep skin clear is to use a men’s face wash daily. A best practice is to use the face wash twice a day, when you first wake up and before you go to bed/after a gym session. You never want to end your day with oil and sweat sitting in your pores.

Before washing your face, open the pores by rinsing your face for thirty seconds with warm water. This will cause the pores to expand slightly, helping make sure the face wash can get inside to clear out any oil, dead skin build up, or bacteria.

Gently rub the face wash in circles all over for your face for thirty seconds and try not to pull down on the skin, as you don’t want to encourage stretching of the skin. If you don’t already wash your beard with a good, natural shampoo or beard wash, don’t hesitate to use the face wash to cleanse your beard as well. We don’t suggest a beardsman use a beard soap or beard wash on their face’s skin; they’re designed for a different purpose and could dry out your face.

Once you’ve finished washing the face, rinse with cool water to cause the pores to shrink back to normal size, preventing any new oil or bacteria from getting inside them. Pat your face dry as rubbing can dry out the face and you want to avoid stretching the skin. Your face should feel clean, but not “too clean”. Harsh chemicals in drugstore brand face washes have programmed us guys into think unless your face is super dry, then it’s not clean. In fact, this is not remotely true. Your face needs a small amount of oils to operate properly and excessively drying out your face can increase break outs, create excess oil production, and accelerate the look of aging.

How the hell do you figure out what type of face wash to purchase you ask? That’s a good question since there are hundreds of options out there for guys. First, learn your skin type. You don’t want to have sensitive skin and use a face wash meant for oily skin. Once you’ve learned your skin type, match it up with a face wash that’s appropriate for it. Most face washes will tell you on the bottle the type of skin they are made for.

2. Scrub

Using a face scrub for men (often called exfoliating) 3 – 4x a week will not only help remove dead skin cells and any deep down impurities within the pores, but it will also help soften and loosen up your beard.

After washing your face, use a quarter size amount of men’s face scrub and gently rub the scrub over your skin and beard. On your face, focus on areas where dead skin is more likely to build up, often the nose, neck (if exposed), and forehead.

Be careful of scrubbing too harshly around the eye, where skin is most delicate. If using scrub before a shave to tidy up your beard, make sure to concentrate on the areas of your face you plan on shaving.

After scrubbing your face, rinse with cool water to remove any excess scrub and pat your face dry.

3. Hydrate

After cleansing and scrubbing, you’ll need to moisturize your skin with a face moisturizer twice a day. The best face moisturizers for men will keep your skin hydrated, helping to keep your skin looking firm and energized.

Apply the moisturizer all over your face, taking special care of the areas that get dry most often. Rub any excess moisturizer into your beard, it’ll help keep it hydrated as well.

If you have dry skin, you may need to reapply the face moisturizer a couple times throughout the day. If you have oily skin, you still need to moisturize (yes, you heard that right), just not as often. Remember, drying out your skin actually creates excess oil production, so keep it hydrated.

4. Prevention

While the above three steps will keep your face looking awesome, there a few extra steps you can take to keep it looking really awesome.

1. The skin around the eyes is the first part of the face to start aging for most guys. Using a thin layer of men’s eye cream in the morning can reduce puffiness and dark circles, while using at night can help prevent wrinkles while you sleep. You only need a little, and make sure to add a small amount around the eye socket.

2. Using a men’s anti aging cream nightly will help keep your face firmer, longer. While there are no miracle cures, anti aging ingredients can help keep your skin cells much more full for a longer period of time, than if you did nothing at all. You’ll want to target the forehead and around the eyes as these are the first two areas of a man’s face to start aging.

3. SPF: The final step of prevention is to reduce sun exposure. Generally, you should stay out of the sun as much as possible. Even with SPF, the sun can harm your skin and if you’re doing any type of physical activity, SPF will sweat off your body extremely quickly. If you’re unable to avoid the sun, make sure you apply SPF liberally every 45 minutes. Yea, it’s a pain, but no where near the pain of getting skin cancer.

Josh Meyer is the co-founder of Brickell Men’s Products. They make high performing, natural skin care and grooming products for men. Depending on how hot it is in Miami, he may or may not be sporting a beard (that will never look as good as Eric’s).

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