Oct 05, 2015

3 Alternative Ways to Wear a Tie

It is said that an object is what the person...

It is said that an object is what the person who makes use of it makes it to be – and that the initial purpose has almost no value in this process. For example, if you own a chair, but use it as a table, then the object is a table.

Even though this concept applies in every field, in fashion it is quite hard to give an object another use than the one it originally had. It’s hard to wear a jacket as a pair of pants.

At times though, giving a fashion item another purpose can be done. This is why we wanted to give you an example of how you can wear a tie in three other ways other than to place it around your neck and let it hang.

Giving a tie another look than the classic one is rare, which makes it interesting, but maybe sometimes it is rare for a good reason. In the end, it’s each to his own.

We want to encourage you to make up your own opinions, but first, we would like to introduce you to some alternative ways to wear a tie.

Here they are:

Tucked in a shirt

David Beckham sporting a tucked in tie

David Beckham sporting a tucked in tie.

A great way to wear your tie is to tuck it in your shirt. Opening up your middle button(s) and elegantly tucking your tie in your shirt is not only a great look, but it can turn out to be a very practical one as well. Many men don’t like eating when they are wearing ties, as they fear they will get stains all over the tie; and, to avoid this, they throw their tie on their back. First of all, one should learn how to eat with a tie on – it’s not so hard, but, if you are a guy who simply doesn’t usually wear ties or don’t have the time to learn, you can tuck in your tie. For best results, it is recommended to stretch your tie under the shirt, let it flow just as it would if it would be over your shirt. Moreover, we recommend wearing an undershirt or a tank top to make sure you don’t get any sweat on your tie.

Of course, tucking your tie in your shirt is a great idea for a windy day, for style reasons or for any other situation, but it is not recommended to do it when you are wearing a vest or a closed jacket – what would be the point of doing it if you already have another way to stack your tie away?

Many men believe that tucking a tie in their pants is also a good idea, but we give this concept a thumbs down. The reason is not only because it doesn’t look great – what is the purpose of ending your tie abruptly? – but also because it is not very practical. Yes, the main reason why some men tuck their ties in their pants is because they don’t want them to fly around if the wind blows. Frist of all, one should wear a tie clip if the wind blows and secondly, if you don’t have a tie clip for any reason, it’s better to leave your tie flying or to tuck it in your shirt as we’ve seen before, than tucking it into your pants. Tucking your tie in your pants won’t hold it well and, if you somehow make it stick there, it will probably feel uncomfortable and look bad. Opting for a very long tie just to tuck it in your pants is not a good idea either, as, as you know, each tie has a shape and wearing a tie that is too long tucked in your pants will destroy the way its design and proportions are meant to look on your body and you will look sloppy.

So, to conclude, tucking your tie in your shirt – yes; tucking your tie in your pants – no.

As a bow tie

A creative way to wear a tie is to tie it like a bow tie.

This is something you can try as it can be fun, but it is not something we strongly encourage you do with all your ties for several reasons:

One, putting your tie through all those folds and molds will make it get wrinkles, which are quite hard to get rid of, if not impossible.

Secondly, ties have a certain shape, which is not intended to be transformed into something else. Of course, bow ties are the best bow ties.

The pro of transforming a neck tie in a bow tie is that if you are not sure whether you want or not to wear a bow tie, you can transform a neck tie first and see whether you like it or not. This will give you a sense of whether or not you enjoy wearing a bow tie, without having to actually wear one first.

Transforming a tie into a bow tie is a fun way to give your accessories a different use, which you can try on sometime.

The video below demonstrates how you can do this:

As a belt

Tie as belt

If you are a really fashion-forward, fashion-bending kind of guy, you can take your tie to the next level and wear it as a belt.

This is a look that is a bit forced, but it’s not necessarily a faux-pas.

The only thing you need to pay attention to in this is case is to make sure your belt goes well through the loops and that it is long enough to go around you and that there is enough fabric for you to be able to tie it in the front, without it pressing too hard on your body.

Knit ties or casual ones work best in this kind of situations.

As a note, remember that we don’t encourage you to wear a tie as a belt on a formal occasion – it will ruin the whole outfit! Keep it for casual settings only!

And, there you have it! Turns out ties can be more than ties, who knew?

To sum up, we can conclude that the main point of the article, besides the practical advice, is that you can use the clothes and accessories you own in any way you want and that there are ways to break the mainstream rules and make up your own!

Fraquoh and Franchommme

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