May 12, 2015

You're My Boy, Blue!

Dressed in head-to-toe blue, menswear blogger Isaac Hindin-Miller shows us how to pull off the monochrome look this spring.

Hey, gidday mates. I don’t know where your head’s at, but as far as I’m concerned, there’s something very cool about wearing a head-to-toe one-colour look in the warm weather. My favourite of all time is probably white-out (white T-shirt, white jeans and white high top Chuck Taylors), but blue is definitely the easiest colour to do it with because there are so many complementary shades to play with, like stonewash denim with indigo with sky blue with navy… This combo here is kind of interesting because the darkest colour that grounds the whole shebang is usually found on your pants or jacket, but here I’m wearing it in the deep indigo T-shirt, and that acts as a solid base for the pants and cardigan which might look a little flimsy together without that dark anchor. Y’dig? Anyway, give it a go, I promise you’ll like it. Das it das it.




I’m wearing: Alex Mill cardigan and T-shirt; 3X1 denim pants; Maximum Henry belt; and Converse Chuck Taylors.


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